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TipT Textiles is a new venture within Root Handcrafted that aims to encourage consumers to buy mindfully and reduce landfill. The TipT Textile shop will sell up-cycled textile accessories using materials that would have otherwise been tipped. These materials are skillfully revamped, dyed and crafted by hand to create beautiful one off pieces for the alternative dresser.

40% of every product bought on TipT Textiles is donated to action aid in support of the children that spend their lives sorting through our rubbish.

About Tipd Textile Designer| Polly

My background is in art and design. I did my BA in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design and my MA in Contemporary Textiles where I specialized in natural dye and embroidery. After working as a designer for large companies, I realized I was selling my soul to the devil… well not quite, commercialism, but its the same thing, hey!

I set up TipT Textiles after a personal decision to stop purchasing mindlessly. For me, this was buying unnecessary ‘stuff’ just because I can-sound familiar? My aim with TipT Textiles is to reduce my buying habits and carbon footprint and give back to people that actually need things by making lovely products to sell. The 40% from your purchase can clothe a child.

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